Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural 7 Chakras Crystal Healing Set
Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural 7 Chakras Crystal Healing Set
Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural 7 Chakras Crystal Healing Set
Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural 7 Chakras Crystal Healing Set
Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural 7 Chakras Crystal Healing Set
Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural 7 Chakras Crystal Healing Set
Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural 7 Chakras Crystal Healing Set
Hippie Naturals Inc.

Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural 7 Chakras Crystal Healing Set

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1 Set = 1 piece each of the 7 chakra stones


  • Expansion, Stone of wisdom, Sharpens mind, Quickens wit, Improves memory, Calms tempers, fears, Stress relief, Raises hope, Happiness, Love, Peace, Lifts spirits, Exchanged between lovers to strengthen commitment, Protection against thieves, Overcoming alcoholism, Healing, Relieves headaches, Drives off insomnia and nightmares, Calms nervous system and brain, Good for meditation, Symbolizes spirituality, Psychism, Mysticism, Reincarnation, Encourages spiritual awareness and wakefulness, Balancing, Discipline, Energy-receptive, Sharpens the “6th” sense, Helps in remembering life goals, Brings success to business, Stimulates inspiration 
  • Aids in:
    • Avoiding highly rough emotional states
    • Coming to terms with loss
    • Emotional balance
  • Aids in relieving:
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Fibromyalgia
    • High blood pressure
    • Anxiety
    • Skin conditions and swelling
    • Lung complaints
  • Aids in:
    • Finding deep inner peace
    • Spiritual body healing

 Chakra: Crown

Zodiac: Aquarius


  • Chakra: throat, brow, Effective cleanser, Drawing tension and anxiety from deep within the energy body, Activates every aspect of expression, Healing properties: opens third eye and expands senses, connects your heartland your head to create balance and interdependence in your relationships, Sacred to gods and pharaohs of ancient Egypt, Prized since 5000 BCE, Serenity, Peace, Clarity, Self-awareness, Calms the mind, Soothes physical body, Wisdom, Kindness, Love, Harmony, Imagination, Open mindedness, Vision, Protection from negative energy in all environments, Honesty, Reveals inner truth, Helps us to be ourselves, Liberates us from compromises and holding back, Stone of friendship, Encourages dignity, Helps us to convey feelings and emotions clearly, Contain conflict (mentally), Brings objectivity to thought process, “Stone of rulers”-India, “Stone of truth”-Egypt, “Ruler of your own (spiritual) kingdom”, Regulates thyroid gland, Lengthens menstrual cycle, Physical: heals problems effecting the neck, larynx, vocal cords, relieves anger (repressed), lowers blood pressure, Royal stone, Bringing awareness of the soul and spiritual purpose in life, Solar plexus chakra: individual will, Crown chakra: divine will, Promotes courage, Lets you light shine in the world, Soothes migraines and headaches, Connect to should purpose, Lung support, Sciatica helps with anger, Communication issues, Meditation (improves focus), Psychic development, Birthstone: September, Zodiac: Libra, Draws in love, Different empowering, Absorbs depression, Creates joy, Healing, sleep, fidelity, dreams, growth, prosperity, psychism, protection, courage, Improves mental, physical, spiritual, psychic and emotional conditions, Alleviates fevers, disease in the blood, Youth, Beauty, Happiness, Pleasure, Rituals involving women, Reconciliation, Strengthens eyesight, Peaceful vibrations, Gentleness, Strengthens bonds grown between lovers, Breaks the hold on the conscious and subconscious mind, Allows intuitive impulses to be known, Distressing, Compassion, Eloquence


  • Powers: mental powers, eyesight, gambling, money, peace, healing, luck, Green colors help to calm emotions and speed healing process, Magical intentions: gambling, healing/health, luck mental powers, money, wealth, prosperity, riches, peace, Magical substitutions: Amazonite, Birthstone: Gemini, Virgo, Chakra: heart, Subtle body: etheric, emotional, mental, Promotes tranquility, positive outlook, balances heart chakra, Heals heart pain, balances yin and yang energies within you, Helps with addictions and improving confidence, Used to clear away negative emotional patterns and support the heart chakra; calms powerful feelings in lower abdomen, such as, anger, centered on the solar plexus, Encourages expression of gratitude, hope, positive approaches to life, Helps to neutralize geopathic and electromagnetic stress, Supports system after period of illness-encourages tissue repair and healing, supports heart and circulation, Encourages optimism and renewed zest for life, and gratitude for what has been received, Distresses and calms the body, Physical health: bacterial infections, blood purification, fibromyalgia, immune support, Psychological health: anxiety, fatigue, to ease guilt, trauma recovery, Zodiac: Libra, Promotes spiritual growth through compassion, Heightens perceptions, stabilizes the mind, stimulates creativity and optimism, helps to see alternate possibilities, Reveals what makes us happy or unhappy, fortifies self-determination and individuality, stimulates dreaming and makes dreaming come true, Enhances relaxation, regeneration and recovery, Helps with difficulties sleeping, Makes us more patient and calms anger and annoyances, Promoted versatile thought and enthusiasm, but also encourages tolerance and acceptance of the suggestions of others, Encourages regeneration of the heart, stimulates metabolism of fat, lowers cholesterol levels, helps prevent arteriosclerosis and heart attack, anti-inflammatory effect, soothes pain, helps ease eruptions of the skin, skin disease and allergies, fortifies connective tissues


    • Powers: anti-nightmare, protection, psychism, Magical uses: worn at night to remove fear, prevent nightmares and ensure a good night sleep, Worn to facilitate psychic awareness, Protection, Magical substitution: Topaz, Used in solar plexus chakra relief, Chakra: solar plexus, sacral, base, crown, Increases self-esteem, Works with higher self to heal old patterns and attract abundance, Helps with anxiety, appendicitis, business, circulation, money issues, urinary tract problems, Encourages individuality, self-confidence, and courage to face and enjoy life, makes us dynamic and encourages a desire for variety, new experiences and self-realization, Helps overcoming depression and free ourselves from. Oppressive influences, Makes us extroverted and encourages self-expression, Helps us digest impressions we have received, stimulates ability to confront and help ourselves draw conclusions rapidly and understand them, Stimulates digestion, promotes working of stomach, spleen and pancreas, Fortifies nerves and has warming effect, Help bring aura and physical body back into alignment, Attracts abundance, Stimulates creative thinking and inspiration, helps turn idea into reality, helps support hormone balance, enhance physical vitality, lifts depression, Physical health: backache, digestive problems, skin issues, thyroid support, water retention, Psychological health: encourages assertiveness, confidence, eases jealousy, improves self-esteem, trauma recovery, Birthstone: November, Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo


    • Helps bring out the energy of other stones placed nearby, Etheric, Emotional, Calming, Clarity, Protection, Healing, Psychism, Power, Lactation, Altering consciousness, Exorcism, Intellectual powers, Luck, Success, Will-power, Courage, Self-confidence, Soothing, Distressing, Love, Wisdom, Compassion, Eloquence, Sleep, Dreams, Friendship, Growth, Fertility, Prosperity, Spirituality, Useful in legal matters, Illumination, Magical energy, Physical energy, Rituals involving sleep, Purification, Love rituals, Reconciliation, Peace, Pineal gland, Hair and hands, Clairvoyance, Draws blessings of all kinds into life, Believed to bring stars into soul, Enhanced spiritual awareness and harmonizes energies, awakening process intensified, Zodiac: Aquarius, Divine guidance, motivation and clarity, New beginnings, Tranquility, Amplify energy levels, Can be “programmed” important to be used for the highest good, Clearing impurities, Clearing psychic debris from energy field that permeates the human body, Realigns and refocuses the body, mind, and spirit toward clear goals, Increases power of concentration and focus, Amplifies whatever thoughts have been “programmed” into it, Used as a “stand in” for any other crystal, Pain relief, Chakra: all, Concentration, Clears mental blockages, Strength and energy supplier


    • Projective, Chakra= sacral and root, Grounding and stabilizing, Increased metabolism, Improves flow of energy, Speeds up healing process, increase vitality and strength, Purify the blood, Improves circulation, Helps bring courage when facing person challenges, Protection, Peace, Eloquence, Healing, Courage, Sexual energy, When warn to bed may halt nightmares, Used to counteract doubt and negative thoughts, Strengthens the voice, Provides self confidence, Makes public speaking more significant


    • Protective stone, sends negativity back to original sender, Worn by women to promote beauty and grace, Worn or carried to promote mental processes and restrain dangerous desires or whims that could lead to hazardous situations, to protect mother and child during childbirth, Luster: dull to vitreous, Chakra: Base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, Subtle body-etheric, Grounding stone, Energizing, grounding of base chakra, Helps with-bronchitis, childbirth, diabetes, increasing energy, gall bladder and spine problems, Strengthening and life enhancing stone, Enhances root chakra creating a connection to the earth, Energizes circulation and warms the system, Promotes self-belief and courage to act, Place under pillow to promote lucid dreams, Physical health-blood circulation, liver support, Helps to pursue and achieve goals with determination-red jasper is most dynamic in doing so, Imbues courage readiness for conflict, aggression in dealing with things forthright, will power, Stimulates uprightness and honesty (including toward ourselves), Courage to get to grips with even unpleasant tasks, Stimulates imagination, transforms ideas into action, Stimulates circulation and energy flow, Helps with diseases of sexual organs, with digestive and intestinal problems, Increase resistance to environmental stress
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