Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural Rose Quartz Spheres
Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural Rose Quartz Spheres
Hippie Naturals Inc.

Hippie Naturals ® Inc. POWER TOKERS Natural Rose Quartz Spheres

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  • One of the most popular of all crystals, Popular healing tool, Soothing frequency, interacts with body and energy field gently, Physical/emotional uses: supports head in all ways eases emotional stress, cancer support, regulates physical effects of stress, relieves panic attacks, eating disorders, relieves anxiety and fear, brings in warmth and unconditional love, encourages and awakens appreciation of beauty, surgical recovery, increase fertility, alleviates allergic reactions, calm dreams, Wear over heart to attract love in your life, Place in home to create peace and harmony, Good for children, Forgiveness, Eases feelings of guilt, Relaxation, Birthstone: January, Zodiac: Pisces, Heals heart problems, female disorders, Love magic, Spiritually: encourages helpfulness, openness, desire for a pleasant ambiance, Emotionally: impart empathy, sensitivity and sometime over-sensitiveness, encourages proper self-love, a strong heart, romance and the ability to love, Mentally: liberates us from worry, helps us discriminate (sympathy/empathy), draws attention to the fulfillment of elemental needs, Physically: stimulates blood circulation in the tissues, fortifies the earth and sexual organs, Calm, Beauty, Peaceful, Family, Self-healing, Calming aggressive conditions, Love, Personal potential, Relieves headaches, Relieves grief, Soothes emotions, Slows the release of stress hormones, Opens/heals the heart, Helps solve interpersonal conflict, Mediate a dispute, Encourages cooperation, Forgiveness and peaceful resolution of the problem, Meditation, Pregnancy, Grief, Broken heart, Inner peace, Tranquillity, Soothes wounds of sadness, Encourages emotions as a gift, Visualizing relationships, Interchange, Sexuality, Polarity, Balance, Symbiosis
Chakra: heart
Shape: wand

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