Hippie Naturals ® Inc. Spa Magic

These amazing micro batches of Hippie Naturals ® Inc. Spa Magic products are handmade with love! Each ingredient is hand selected to bring you the best possible outcome from each product! A light, fresh scent adorns each product perfect for head to toe use! This magical product line has so many wonderful benefits for the skin from anti-aging to antioxidants! These products will enchant you because it has so many nourishing natural and organic products with no water added! We designed them to be one of the most unique skincare lines on the market! Our products are clean and a refreshing twist on an already amazing classic! The best part is we decided to go with premium hemp flower to give you the best hemp quality possible per jar! These are truly wonder products in our eyes! 

We are so thrilled to share these intoxicating scents with you! So clean you can see the freshness through our clear glass reusable, food grade, dishwasher safe containers! Once the product is gone you can use them as stash jars or return them to us for a 10% off your product when you refill! We here at Hippie Naturals are doing our best to make sure our little part of the cannabis industry is creating as little pollution as possible that’s why each and every product comes in these amazing reusable jars! They are food grade AND dishwasher safe! The sticker won’t even come off while in the wash! We are so unbelievably proud of these products because we have poured our heart and soul into each one! Handmade with love and each and every ingredient handpicked to maximize the benefits of each product! We want to do our best by giving you the best we can in each and every one of our items available in our shop! We appreciate you coming along for the ride and look forward to growing with you for years to come!