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Hey, High, Hello There!,

Its been a while since I’ve written on here. Mostly because I didn’t know what to say in all honesty. I want to bring quality content to the table each and every post and sometimes even the most creative people just don’t have it some days. And guess what!? That’s completely okay! 

Here at Hippie Naturals we don’t have a huge team behind us to brainstorm each idea off of. The raw and realness of this business is that it’s just Matt and I (for now). Matt works a full time job so most of his time is taken up with other things. So at the end of the day, it’s only me doing this. It’s a tough realization but it’s the truth. An amazing truth I am grateful to get to live out. 

Our little mom and pop shop may not be exploding and expanding as quickly as we desire and you know what, that’s perfectly fine at the moment. We’re still ironing out the kinks, feeling out the water, and testing what works for you, our shop, and ourselves. We’ve bounced around so many ideas these past couple of months that it’s truly been exhausting. You know when people say it’s a good problem to have. This is one of those moments. I am very grateful for that.

The reality of us running this online shop is that Matt and I fund Hippie Naturals 120% ourselves, from social medial management, to photography, to financially, to brainstorming, marketing, you name it we are truly a family run/owned and operated business. Unfortunately that means we can’t just jump on every good idea that is trending or comes to mind (even though I desperately desire to). At the end of the day we must be financially responsible put some ideas on the back burner until we can fully execute them as to how we see will fit and keep pushing forward with what we believe will be the best product we can deliver to you.

I am extremely picky about what I want Hippie Naturals to develop into with time as well, so your feedback truly helps us to grow in the direction of you, our audience. At the end of the day this shop is for you, it’s been created as a way for you to find natural ways to heal and ease the pain of daily life. Whatever that means to you. It could be physical issues you’re trying to overcome. It could be emotional issues that are hard to face alone. Past issues that have you feeling stuck and are hard to get over. Maybe you want to expand your mind and you need some assistance in doing that. We just want to be here to help. 

How I envision this wonderful place we call home is one day being able to bring all these wonderful ideas to fruition. Having a bundle of divine products that are all fan favorites but everyone keeps coming back because they see that we are here to genuinely care for their wellbeing in the best ways we know how.

My vision for the near future of Hippie Naturals is to have an elegant, natural shop that has select, beautifully packaged, handmade products that are easy for you to order. Eventually leaping off the web and spreading all across America to wonderful places like The Grove in LA, Easton in Columbus, The Green in Beavercreek (you get the idea). Eventually, I desire to create a space that people can come and see how absolutely amazing each product we’ve poured our heart and souls into is, and be able to immerse themselves in an experience before they buy. I desire to be able to express my magic and the power of this great earth through the story we all tell, together. 

I think it starts by getting back into the habit of blogging. This is my space to feel confident and be able to share with all of you the progression of Hippie Naturals. This is where I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the amazing shop we’ve created. This is where I feel I can truly be myself and show you all the depths that Hippie Naturals can truly go.

I know I bounce between “I” and “we” a lot but for me I can’t do this without you. Hippie Naturals wouldn’t be a thing without Matt’s love and support. Hippie Naturals exist to heal through community, caring, comfort, love, appreciation, bringing back joy, and light in what sometimes can feel like a dim world. That’s why when I sign off I always say “we look forward to growing with you for years to come”. You are a part of what makes this dream team a reality and we are so grateful for that interaction with you! Everyone is trying to heal from things they don’t want to discuss, or going through something and they don’t want to be alone. The beauty of Hippie Naturals is that you don’t have to go through life’s challenges alone. If you ever need to bend an ear,  we are here for you, our little community we created is here for one another.

That’s why I feel Hippie Naturals is a true asset to the modern world of self care, health, beauty, and wellness through crystals and cannabis. We hope you agree and we truly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to stop in here at SHOPHippieNaturals.com. Thank you so much for your love and support and we look forward to growing with you for years to come!


Stef, Owner Hippie Naturals Inc.


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