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High there, Stef Here!, 

Thank you for following along in the process of creating Hippie Naturals ® Inc. Spa Magic through the shops Instagram page. I have done my best research, experimentation (that has turned into routine), and worked my butt off to bring you the ABSOLUTE BEST in CBD Skincare! Now I don’t like to throw that word around often but I must admit, a lot of heart went into this handmade with love Hippie Naturals ® Inc. Spa Magic line because I care so much for our fans, followers, customers, friends, and family I wanted to deliver! I handpicked every single ingredient that goes into each one of our amazing new products and I am truly impressed with the way they work together! In each description you will see everything you need to know about these amazing products! My goal in mind was to keep simplicity to the containers because I desired them to be able to have a multifunctional use long after the product is gone! 

I have also decided to make an offer for our amazing customers who purchase any products from our Hippie Naturals ® Inc. Spa Magic line. I am going to give anyone who purchases the Potion Lotion, Beeswax Candles, Bath Soaks, and Sugar Scrubs 10% off their next purchase when they get the same product! Simply mail back your container and I will have it cleansed, dried, and refilled with the same great formula just for you! My objective in this idea is to keep the environment as clean as possible and to keep our product packing to a minimum to prevent pollution. We want to provide the best without leaving a mess behind! 

If you decide you would like to keep you container and use it for something else we have a few great ideas in mind. Check them out in the product descriptions for Potion Lotion, Beeswax Candles, Bath Soaks, and Sugar Scrubs! I just wanted to stop by really quickly to give you a huge thank you for being so patient with me as I created and got these products up on the shop! I truly hope you get the most out of them because they have already done so much for me in my time of using them! It truly is my only skincare routine I have and I love it so much! I feel like I am having a spa day every time I treat myself! I wish the same for you as you develop your skincare routine with Hippie Naturals Inc.! Thank you for being amazing my Hippie Little Family! 

All the best, 


Owner of Hippie Naturals Inc.

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