Self Care Isn’t Selfish

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Hello and welcome to our blog!,

This blog we wanted to express the importance of our self care journey. This goes for everyone who decides to partake in self care September with us! We have decided to share through our Instagram page (@hippienaturals) and get our whole following involved! Each day for the whole month of September we have been putting together small achievements to get us to our final goal of fully accepting and loving ourselves and our journey.

Of course, self care is a never ending adventure but this way it’s a bit more fun because we’re taking our self care seriously and most importantly we’re doing it together! 

Self care a journey that our owner (Stephanie Ballman) has been on for quite some time now.  To us it is a journey inward, it’s finding out who we are and doing it on purpose. It’s ultimately to help find our purpose in this life and how we can grow, create, thrive, and expand to help others on our path of Hippie Naturals Inc. and self care. 

Hippie Naturals actually started through a 3 day fast of trying to purge toxins such as negative thoughts, negative lifestyle choices, negative people for our results to find enlightenment as well as raising our vibrations and most of all to fully love and accept ourselves for who we are. If that’s not self care we don’t know what is!

On this journey the tools that helped us the most we’re our crystal collection that we’ve been developing for quite some time now. So we figured “What better tool to use in helping to serve others than...CRYSTALS! 

Crystals and gemstones have served a HUGE purpose in our own personal self care and has done wonders throughout our life. Their power has given us the strength to commit to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and even though some people view them as “just rocks” we still believe in the magical healing power towards awareness of self and routine. This is how we choose ours!

Thats why to us crystals are vital and so important to the growth of humankind. Not only have they been apart of history and this planet for millions of years but they also hold significant value in many, MANY of our medical equipment and time pieces we use in common practices today! Crystals are very fascinating to learn about and grow with. We recommend if you’re interested in taking your journey with crystals we have tons of options in our shop! Head there today to get your very own! 

Always remember that self care isn’t selfish. You are under no obligation to be the person you were yesterday and you have every right to choose who you’re going to be tomorrow. Dive on in and take the journey for yourself, we promise you won’t regret it! 

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