Meditation March Is Underway!

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Hey There Hippie Little Family!,

We’ve started off Meditation March with a bang! We hope you’re enjoying it along with us on Instagram for the whole month of March! We’ve written an article about our monthly challenge before, but this one is more about the WHY! If you keep up to date with our blog posts you know we’re a huge fan of the “why” in life!

So WHY have we started this challenge you ask? Well, life can get a bit stressful sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming and feel rough. Our solution? Aside from CBD, we take these extra steps in our self care to make sure that we remain in balance when life throws us off.

Each day for the month of March we’re going to have a different exercise, challenge, tip and trick, as well as many other surprises for you each and every day! What’s so special about our challenge compared to the so many others that are out there? Well...CBD of course! How Canna and Crystals coexist and go hand in hand with meditation!

What is better than discovering your own awareness than by enhancing it!? We will help guide you as a beginner and comfort you in the days that the routine seems a bit to tedious. Meditation is so important for your mental health and emotional wellness. We want to encourage our following to bring it into habit and enjoy self discovery each and every day!

Thank you so much for your love and support and we look forward to growing with you for years to come! Don’t forget to check out our Meditation March Challenge now on Instagram!

All the best!


Stef and Hippie Naturals Inc.

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