Key Benefits of Knowing the “WHY”.

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The “WHY” in life is something that has always compelled me. It is the reason Hippie Naturals even exists, I needed to know “WHY” all the time! I wanted to share in this post to tell our story because as a lifestyle brand there should always be a “WHY”, a passion for the following. 


This is Hippie Naturals...


Hippie Naturals Inc. is run by my husband Matt and I out of our house in the outskirts of Dayton. We both grew up here and both graduated from the same high school in Beavercreek, Ohio. (Suburban area of Dayton). Matt graduated from WSU and I came back from Columbus after graduating from CSCC with a degree in digital photography.


Gem City has always been apart of our lives from our first date, to my first gallery shows at 5/3 business gallery in downtown Dayton with Stef Marie Photography, all the way to the night we got engaged. Dayton was there for it all! 


I don’t want to divulge too much of our origin story though, just yet. The point of all of this, the “WHY”, is to share our knowledge and what we’ve learned from life, about crystals and gemstones, and their benefits so far. I want to grow with you all in that way. I want this to be a friendship. 


That’s why we developed our social media pages, (IG: @HippieNaturals/ FB: @hippienaturalsinc / Pin: Hippie Naturals Inc.) so that each and every day we’re opening up a bit more and getting to know one another, as friends on a better level! 


Yes, we are a business. Yes, we would like to provide a service to you all. But most importantly we want to help you into understanding a “WHY” of your own. We want to help you explore your minds and be brave in your journey. We want you to know that someone cares for your well being and that you’re not alone in your pursuit of whatever it is that you hold dear.


We want to provide a meaningful relationship among our customers, as well as, with ourselves, along with all of our hand picked, great quality crystal and gemstone products we provide in our shop! 


Our blog is here to answer questions and share with you what we have learned on our journey so far. So, if there is ever a subject someone desires I look into, I will do my best to see it posted as soon and as best as I can. (Note: We are a monthly blog so we only create content once a month, for now. I may not be able to get to everyone’s requests in a timely manner but I will do my best!)


Crystals have helped me beyond words in my personal journey and I wanted to be able to provide the same benefits as much as I can to you! When something becomes apart of your every day life. You know it’s your passion it’s something you want to live and breathe for. We hope to help you find yours with your look into our lives and our pursuit of this crystal empire. 


Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to come hang out and shop around with us! We appreciate each and every one of you who have loved and supported us from the beginning and we look forward to growing with you all for years to come! 



Hippie Naturals

Instagram: @HippieNaturals

Facebook: @HippieNaturalsInc


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