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This blog post is about taking chances in the grey areas of an Industry. You can learn a lot in a moment that "defines" you. When you answer the call, you must know what to say. Freezing up is not an option, because it could be the only chance you get. 


I had to learn this the hard way not too long ago. I let my fear take the best of me and laid down any and every excuse in the book to sabotage myself. I found out so much in the process though. 


I learned that confidence is key. I learned that blaming others and circumstance is a crutch I need to get rid of. I learned that narrowing down my intentions is the way to go. And I learned that I am indeed the problem or the solution when it comes to the success of Hippie Naturals Inc. 


What am I talking about when it comes to all of this? Well, the other day I got a phone call that very well could have changed our lives in the best way possible. I had the option to either evolve or remain the same and I flopped....hard. This phone call could have gotten us many major opportunities and seen by potentially MILLIONS of people in one moment. 


I folded. I coward down and I let how monumental that phone call was hit me harder than a ton of bricks. If given another chance, it would have gone a little something like this....


"Health. The most important asset we have on this planet as individuals. We need good health from the moment we are conceived, to the moment we pass. This all starts with how we care for ourselves (We cannot serve from an empty cup).


With Hippie Naturals Inc. we supply options for how YOU choose to self care. Through the magical healing power of cannabidoil, the benefits seem truly endless in their possibilities! Based on the market alone, cannabis is projected to make 20 BILLION dollars by the year 2020! 


CBD is one of the most historical ways to self care on the planet. This plant will never go out of style and will always stay relevant in the ways it is constantly reinventing itself. With over 50,000 uses for industrial hemp, I wasn’t kidding when I said the possibilities are endless. By combining CBD with your routine of self care on a daily basis, it helps to provide peace of mind through aura and the endocannabinoid receptors. 


BUT WAIT! There’s more! Right now, we are seeing a rise in what is formally known as “the green rush”, so we are on the forefront of a plant that can truly save this planet! In this moment in time history is being made, we want YOU to join us and be apart of this movement! What an amazing time to be alive! 


As of right now, we are continually growing our following as organically as possible through our Instagram (@hippienaturals) and Pinterest (Hippie Naturals Inc.) pages. Our testimonials come from our followers support with the ever encouraging comments they leave us every day! (Thank you all so much!) 


Our research comes from third party testing through our manufacturing, as well as, traveling cross country on a road trip last summer to the west coast, along with endless hours of self study through books, educational DVD’s, YouTube, articles, personal experience, and the voluntary experiences of family and friends. 


Through this research, we have found many scientific studies that provide an overwhelming amount of information as to how cannabis can treat many ailments, as well as, its many uses! 


As of right now, from a legal sense, I am the only one operating and fine tuning this well oiled machine. But, I am far from alone. I have an entire team of family and friends who have helped me along the way. Generations have come together with one common interest, drive, and passion in mind. My objective for Hippie Naturals is to grow this into something unstoppable. It seems as though the time is right to come aboard for those who seek to grow Hippie Naturals Inc. into the $258,566,500.00 company that I know it will be!


My plan is to purchase the proper licensing that the state of Ohio requires of me or fund our move up north to Michigan where cannabis is legal recreationally (whatever is our path of least resistance). Eventually, (sooner rather than later) we want Hippie Naturals to be an all encompassing cannabis brand, a one stop shop for all your self care needs! Our hand carved crystal pipes, POWER TOKERS and Hippie Naturals TM Inc. CBD Gummy Yummies go hand-in-hand and with the vibrant colors of nature to consume your retinas, these products without a doubt sell themselves! 


Fortunately, for us we are in the midst of the “unforeseen”. We purchased product right in the sweet spot of when CBD was exploding this past summer in America, only to come to find where we live does not agree with the federal laws and sees hemp and marijuana as one is the same plant. 


They are from the same cannabis family but are significantly different in their functions, uses, and effects. So right now we have been putting together information as to why our product is so great so we can gain a following, that way the second we are ready, we will hit the ground running to grow our profits. We care about the healing power of cannabis so much so that learning and educating, as well as, self funding and spirit had been what is keeping Hippie Naturals Inc. alive! 



Thank you all so much for staying with us this whole article! I know it was a long one but it came from the heart. I just want to say if I ever get the chance again, I have learned my lesson from the universe and know I will be brave enough to never blow it again, that is for damn sure. Thank you all and I hope you have a wonderful day! 


All the best! 





Hippie Naturals 

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  • Mir on

    Great post! Good things are coming your way! Please dont move to Michigan though!! :)

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