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Hey There’s Hippie Little Family!,

So Meditation, what is it!?

Meditation is different things for different people in all honesty. Meditation can be for inspiration, it can be for relaxation. Meditation is perfect for practicing gratitude. Meditation can be perfect for listening to that inner voice inside yourself that can lead you on the path of least resistance in life. Ultimately, meditation is a way to silence the mind and allow for clarity.

Thats why we decided we’re going to have a challenge for the whole month of March! Each and every day (1-31) in March we will have a tip or trick perfect for beginners into the practice in our stories on Instagram (and highlights for those who want to catch up or review)! We will be discussing how crystals and cannabis assist and enhance your practice. We will be discussing how to properly meditate, how it effects your body, mind, and spirit. At the end we will have a personal experience before and after to show how much it truly brings goodness into our life! 

Meditation has been an amazing journey for us here at Hippie Naturals. Of course, it’s been off and on like most, but this March it’ll be the perfect time for all of us to get back on track together!

We hope you will follow us and join us on this Meditation March journey! Have a wonderful day!

All the best,

Stef, Owner

Hippie Naturals Inc.

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