6 Magical Motives To Try Tarot Today!

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High There Friends!

Today I wanted to get down to business! I have been doing tarot reading for quite a few years now (4 to be exact!) and I have dabbled in the arts many times throughout my life. Tarot reading and charm casting have been fascinating me by its magic ever since I was a child. I enjoy the practice (whatever you choose to call it) because it allows me to speak to the universe and to connect with nature as well as others. It allows me to tap into my higher self and speak to my spirit guides through the cards, as well as, the charms. In this post I want to share with you my 6 Magical Motives To Try Tarot Today!

1. The Art Alone! (I Mean My Goodness!)

When you find a deck, you'll know it is the one! You can believe or not in the superstition that it is bad luck to buy your own deck (and many do) but I believe if it feels right just go for it! Most decks I have seen have such amazing artwork it is impossible not to connect with them. With how many are out there now you are sure to find one you love. When you do make sure you snatch it up because it may be impossible to find again. I have had that happen to me with many decks in the past! From oracle decks to the original Rider-Waite Tarot Cards layouts to the ones artists have completely created from their mind in all their many splendid forms these are truly pieces of art! Eventually you'll create a collection of your own if you enjoy the practice enough to continue working with them (just like the obsession you'll develop with the charms as well!).

2. The Clarity To Lingering Thoughts and Questions

Many people in the back of their mind have a question (or many) that stick with them for years upon years. Never finding a way to feel fulfilled or have the answers be met by any logical explanation no matter who is helping. It can sometimes be painful to not have these needs met. Thats why tarot card reading is such a powerful source. Tarot readings are a way for you to connect with your higher self, another soul who has passed on, your spirit guides, or another unexplained force you wish to communicate with. While connecting with the spirit of your choosing they can have answers come through to you with what some believe to be unexplained measures. With the proper tarot reader, the cards and spirits can provide you with clarity like nothing else can. They can bring you a sense of comfort or guidance through trying times as well (the possibilities are endless!).

For me personally,

I had an experience I will never forget! For a long time I had a big problem with smoking cigarettes (I know yuk!) for about 7 years off and on. At some points I would go through a pack a day. Everyone hated it (including me) so I needed to seek some answers in how to relieve myself of this torture I was putting everyone through. I went to a psychic who read my tarot and connected with my deceased grandmother. What she told me changed my life forever. I stopped cold turkey that new year and I have not smoked cigarettes ever since. That was over 3 years ago! Even being around it makes my stomach hurt sometimes its amazing! It made me want to be a beacon of hope for others who were struggling with similar and deeper issues like this in their own lives. 

From then on I became serious about my readings. I no longer wanted to just "play around with the cards" I wanted to learn all I could and be the best I could be moving forward. I felt a sense of connection with them in my service to others and I wanted to become a regular for people to rely on because I have a natural talent with this gift I have been given.

3. The Connection With The Universe (And Your Personal Tarot Reader)

Tarot cards and charm castings have connected me with the universe like never before. I am seeing signs and symbols all over the place. It is almost as if I have woken up and want to show others the way. I know it sounds ridiculous to some and scary to others. I have jumped back and forth in my commitment to going "full magic" (I'm honestly not sure what to call it at the moment) because I have been so terrified of what others would think of me. I've only come to find out I've been disappointing myself. I can no longer live in denial of who I choose to be in this life. I enjoy being able to connect with the universe and with everyone I read for. I feel fulfilled knowing I can help someone in their time of need no matter how big or small.

In all honesty, ever since I've opened up about my love for all of this, the feedback seems as though it is well received. I want Hippie Naturals to be a CBD shop yes, but I wanted it to be that way for the wellness of others. So thats why I have changed directions and made it more of an all encompassing natural wellness shop rather than just CBD based. I want to express my love for therapeutic grade crystals and all around natural healing methods. I am able to not only express my love for such a magical plant such as hemp, but I am able to help others in so many more ways and it feels freeing!  

So if you are ever feeling lost and confused and need someone to connect with I am always here! I provide in-depth readings of any variety as well as charm casting via a private video link I will personally send to you. My charm castings are different than most you see on YouTube but they are through and fun all the same! I have two time slots available one for 30 minute readings and one for 60 minute readings. I will also provide you with a moment after for clarification via email. My desire is to be able to provide my services in the best ways I can. Some times that means I read through the books so you can gain the authors perspective as well and then I go further to why that card and answer pertain to your question. I want to help free everyones mind because we are so bogged down nowadays with so much and no way to get it out. So I want to be here to help! 

4. The Charms Of The Charm

Charms! What can't there be said about the adorable designs and symbolism charms bring to a tarot card reading? Charms (to me) elevate a reading not only by bringing depth to the conversation but they are just so fascinating to look at! Everyone has a personalized deck from trinkets and findings throughout their home! Some are large collections and some are miniatures. The items you can collect to add to your charm castings should probably start out with the originals of Lenormand Charms then its safe to say you could branch out from there. In all honesty though its about what rings true for you and what fits best in your life. When I first started my charms I hadn't the slightest idea how many I was going to find. It was like I had been collecting for this moment my whole life! I have taken a break on buying new ones but I now have well over 200 each with a personalized symbolic meaning I have written down as well as how I interpret them during a reading. The soothing sound of the charms being mixed in my cauldron or brass bowl is so relaxing! What can I say they hit the nail on the head when they named these babies, these charms truly have charmed the pants off me! Haha!

5. For The Love Of Tarot! (And The Ever Growing Community Surrounding It!)

One of the many reasons I love tarot card reading so much is because no one reader is the same! Each and everyone of us who practices tarot reading all have a different method of delivery. We have a different way of shuffling. We have a different presentation method, it is truly magical! I have been studying other tarot card readers for a while now in my pursuit to gather up the courage to start my oen channel on YouTube through Hippie Naturals. I love the general readings on YouTube especially the ones by the lovely Charmed Intuition Tarot (<--Her latest video up now!) they always seem to be the perfect answer and I love that about her readings! I have wanted to be apart of the community for so long but I feel I need to have a large collection of decks and to be following what everyone else is doing. So before I start I wanted to have my own way of going about it first. Thats why I have been dabbling on Instagram stories! I even did a series of daily tarot back in October that was very successful (up now if you're interested in reading them in my highlights!) I think I am honing in on exactly who I need to be and what I need to do all thanks to the wonderful community that surrounds tarot card reading! 

6. The Possibilities Are Endless

With the combination of this power couple anything is possible! From the decks to the charms to the questions and the answered received because of them. There are so many people who have expressed their love for tarot that you can communicate with in the community as well as the artist who bring this magic to life. Tarot is a life changing practice whether you perform it or pay someone to do it for you tarot will help you with virtually any problem and help guide you on the right path. once you've seen and done tarot a few times you'll start to pick up on the magic of it all. My favorite is asking a question, then asking that same question again only to have the answer and the cards eerily be the exact same. You don't want to be too pushy though it may irritate who you are trying to communicate with and then make them hesitant to want to work with you again (spirits, readers, and other). If you allow tarot to be apart of your life you'll find a deep love and understanding for how it enhances your well being and peace of mind. It can also remind you of where you need to be in life as well as tell you where to get off the bus. Not all answers will be positive but it is meant to wake you up and redirect the path you may be on just like my story above about my first experience with a psychic. 

Thank you all so much if you have made it this far down the list you are truly wonderful! I know this was a long one so to make it up to you I want to give everyone who made it this far 15% OFF their next tarot reading with me when you purchase through Shop Hippie Naturals! Just type the code (THANKYOU15) at checkout! I hope tarot and charm casting bring you as much joy and magic in your life as it has done for mine! Have a wonderful day and I wish you all the best!

Stay Safe!


Stef, Owner of Hippie Naturals Inc.


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