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Hello Hippie Little Family!,

Thank you so much for stopping in this week and checking out our blog! We’re going to try and keep it short and sweet for you all this week! Lately we’ve been crazy busy getting our health in order and getting a routine going to best suit our upcoming monthly challenge of Meditation March! 

We are so thrilled to have 31 days of fun filled excitement in meditating with you all! We will be going over the basics in our journey through meditation so we’ve been putting together each and every day for all of us to enjoy starting March 1st! 

Here at Hippie Naturals Inc., promoting self love and wellness is something we love to shout out loud! No matter what stage of the game you’re in we’ve all started as beginners! It doesn’t matter if it’s been ten years or 20 minutes starting today is the greatest asset you can give yourself! 

Why is wellness an asset you ask? Because it is something we ALL can be apart of and excel at. Your health will be with you until the day you die so it’s extremely important to make it a priority every day of your life! We all struggle but that’s why we here at Hippie Naturals creates this community to help build one another up! The way we feel about ourselves is the way we carry ourselves and ultimately how other people view us as well. No ones opinion of you is as important as your own so we want to help push you passed doubt and hate into the light of love and acceptance.

Yes!, self love is a personal journey but no one ever said we had to take the trek alone. Pop in and out as you will and we will be here educating about cannabis self love and of course occasionally giving away amazing prizes just for you simply showing love and showing up! We want to personally thank you all so much for all your love and support throughout our journey so far and we cannot wait to grow with you for years to come!

Join us on Instagram for our 2K giveaway where we will be giveaway one of our amazing crystal grid chakra sets, one of our Hippie Naturals Hemp Clips, one of our beautifully handcrafted high quality sage feathers, and finally one of our Hippie Naturals Crystal Healing Wand Pipes!

Wow! Now that’s an amazing crystal giveaway! Thank you so much for tuning in each and every Tuesday as we blog about the happenings of our lives, updates on cannabis, educating on crystals and CBD, sharing love and support for caring for yourself and our community. Also tune in to Instagram for daily posts! We love each and every one of you! Thank you for being amazing! 

All the best,


Owner, Hippie Naturals Inc. 


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